“The Morton Arboretum has added three new large-scale sculptures to its Human+Nature exhibit. There were five that were installed last June, and now we have three new sculptures,” said Tari Marshall, social media manager at The Morton Arboretum.

New parts

Daniel Popper, a South African artist, is the mastermind behind these giant sculptures. The three new coins are Ephemera, Mycelia, and a special, smaller-scale coin called Ginkgo.

“The Ginkgo that sits outside our visitor center, which is especially special as it commemorates the Arboretum’s 100th anniversary,” Marshall said.

“Mycelia is a sculpture that sits deep in the woods, and it really represents the root structure and the things that trees get from the nutrients in the soil,” Marshall said.

“Ephemera is deep on the east side of the Arboretum. And it’s really, again, about connecting with nature. He’s got these big, oversized daffodil ears that everyone finds fascinating. But he’s “It’s also about listening to the sounds around you. While you’re out in nature, don’t just observe what you see,” Marshall said.

Here until March

All eight Human+Nature sculptures will be on display at The Morton Arboretum through March 2023. The arboretum currently offers timed entry for all visitors, which can be reserved through The Morton Arboretum website.

Reporting by Anthony Yench of Naperville News 17.

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