About Me

My Master PieceDuring my engineering/management career I craved a more physical and unstructured work environment.  I had acquired many craftsman skills over the years and decided to create 3 D objects.  I quickly migrated to the study and creation of sculpture.  I soon realized that this art form provided the vehicle, inspiration and freedom to realize my visions.

As a Canadian artist I have tried to open myself to many themes and styles of working.  I have created pieces in abstract, realistic and stylized forms.  Whenever I have attached a greater significance to a specific theme or concept, than the form, I have been more satisfied with the final outcome.  Consequently the form becomes the vehicle for my visions.

Carving stone has been my principal interest and passion.  The rhythmic ringing of steel on stone, combined with the medium’s restrictive feedback invigorates my carving process.  Through the utilization of hand held diamond saws and various hand tools (hammer, chisel, etc.) my works are slowly revealed.  On occasion a stone’s unpredictable qualities will surprise me causing my creative juices to spontaneously kick in to deal with the issue at hand.

For most monumental and garden sized pieces I utilize field stone (granite & dolomite).  The installation of my monumental stone works provides me with the opportunity to leave a permanent impression on a community and a public legacy of my work.

I have created sculpture for both gallery and public exhibitions.  Currently a number of monumental stone works are installed on the city street scapes in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Today sculpture has become my primary focus and obsession in my life but my wife is crazy about vintage sewing machines.